COVID-19 proves to be catalyst for accelerated pace of digitalisation

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are clearly accelerating the further digitalisation of our business processes. Now that companies no longer have a choice, the are more flexible and for instance welcome working remotely. The ability to manage busines transformation is vital for companies to stay competitive. Business transformation implies fundamental and complex changes, not only within companies but also across the entire value chain. Only a minority of companies managed to transform themselves successfully. Various problems occur during the transformation process, including lack of top-level management support, poor implementation and execution of the transformation process, lack of skills and competences, resistance against changes, or conflicts of interests. Although , each group is very valuable for the organisation, there exists a strong tendency for separation and a lack of integration between different departments. Many sources refer to this fragmentation of the organisation as a major reason for failure during the transformation process and for the increased risk for resistance.

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