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Strategy Execution

Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions ? Henri Mintzberg

Organisational level
Even the best strategy is meaningless if poorly executed. It's strenght and leveraging power resides in a company wide adoption and flawless execution.

Next to leadership skills and a clear communication we strongly believe that coaching of the employees is essential to unlock the power of your most valuable assets, the people.

Most employees still tend to believe that a company's strategy is something granted and restricted to the shareholders and the managerial level whereas let's face it, they actually are the key players in a winning game.

Unforeseen excecution challenges typically occur on the workfloor. This implies that a company needs to coach and empower the people enabling them to make autonomous execution decisions in line with the overall purpose of the set strategy.

The 8 Model for instance is a good strategy execution framework as it highights the crucial link between organisational and individual performance. Both need to be linked in order to realise the set strategy. Just common sense it seems, however only few succeed alignment of all relevant actors across the business departments. While leadership and management commitment are key in building and keeping focus and alignment, the use of proven methods like a Balanced Scorecard is essential to ensure cascade of the strategy.