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Business Process Transformation

Changes and disruptions in known and widely adopted business practices occur more frequently and significantly nowadays. More than ever change proves to be the biggest constant. With growing scope and enormous impact this will soon strongly affect and to some extent even end the way we do business today. Suddenly everything is up in the air: the introduction of new concepts and technology, changed customer behaviour and expectation, new practices to identify and approach our target group introdcuing new channels for products and services, the changing market place and competition, you name it.

It is indeed safe to assume that there is something around the corner. To anticipate and frame this phenomenon in order to adequately envisage, engage and convert plans into action. Although gradually becoming a widely accepted view, many still are reluctant to change. People tend to get comfortable in the way they're doing things and by consequence we are afraid for something taking us out of our comfort zone.

Change comes with opportunity and there is always something valuable that can be derived out of difficulty, adversity or change. We just have to look for it with open minds and bear in mind that the digital transformation is not something which happens overnight. It typically affects all the people within the company.
Companies which still believe that is all merely a matter of enabling and tuning technology will soon find themselves in great challenge to say the least.